9. Water Tower

Built in 1893

As imitation of a fortified tower it was
built of quarry stones and bricks.
The tower offers a superb view 
across the Maifeld.


Erected in 1893, the water tower put an end to the toil of the daily walks to the well in Münstermaifeld. The architecture is reminiscent of a fortified medieval tower. Here, the water tower represents the city’s transition to modern times. This was followed by the connection to the electricity grid, the telephone and railway network by 1916. A view from the water tower confirms the dominating position of the city in Maifeld.

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Der Wasserturm vor 1933
Water tower 


alte Fotografie des Wasserturms mit noch erhaltener zinnenverblendung
Water tower before 1933


Entwurf von 1892
Drawing from 1892


Ansicht des ehemaligen Lehrerseminars, heutiges Kurfüst-Balduin-Gymnasium
Former teachers' training college (1880), today Kurfüst-Balduin-Gymnasium


Foto der heute abgerissenen Turnhalle des Gymnasiums von 1889
Gymnasium of school, 1889


Volksschule von 1897
Primary school, 1897


Tankstelle am Martinsmarkt um 1930
Petrol station at "Martinsmarkt" about 1930


Postkarte mit Seminar (1890) und Molkerei (1896)
Postcard with teachers' training college (1890) and dairy (1896)