10. St. Joseph Hospital

Built 1832-1834

von Lassaulx planned the building.
     The residents have been cared for by  
various religious orders since 1846
to the present day.


The seven-axle construction, which was planned and constructed by von Lassaulx in 1832-1834, came in the place of the Heilig-Geist hospital. Lassaulx built within the meaning of classicism, with preferred reversion to Romanesque forms. The hospital in Münstermaifeld stands next to 20 churches and 52 schools that he planned and built. The hospital has entrusted religious staff with the care of the resident patients since 1852. It started with the Borromeans [Sisters of Mercy of St. Borromeo] in 1846; they were followed by the Franciscans from Luxembourg in 1925. The Barmherzigen Brüder of Saffig [Hospital of St. John of God] have taken over the house since 2007.

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St. Joseph Hospital, der Lassaulx Bau
St. Joseph hospital, construction by Lassaulx 


Lonnig, St. Jakobus d. Ä., Turm u. Chor 13. Jh.Neoromanischer Anbau 1836
Lonnig, St. Jakobus der Ältere., tower and choir 13 th c., neo-romanesque annex 1836


Treis Karden, alte Knabenschule, 1834
Treis Karden, old boys' school, 1834