26. Schönecker Castle

Built in the 13th century

The residential tower was owned by the
Archibishops of Trier until 1654. 
Its name refers to the Lords
of Schöneck.


This inhabited tower, also referred to as “Alte Burg” (Old Castle) was used by the archbishops of Trier when they resided in the city in the 13th/14th century. The residential tower remained the property of the archbishop until 1654. The lore of the name “Schönecker Burg” has not been clarified. Two different noble families with the name “von Schöneck” come into question. The one is from the Eifel; the other from Hunsrück. Both houses worked for the territorial lord.

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Schönecker Burg
Schönecker castle


Schönecker Burg Lage
Schönecker castle, position in town