27. Jewish Prayer Room

Purchased in 1671

Untill 1886 this house incorporated
the Jewish Prayer Room. After 
1900 David Diewald opened a
butcher´s shop here.


A Jewish person, called “Koppel” was able to purchase the house in 1671. Since then, the Jewish people of the city had a prayer room in this house until 1886. After 1900, David Diewald opened a butcher’s shop, which was continued by his son, Moritz, until July 1937. Following the order of the district administrator, he had to close the butchery due to alleged hygiene deficiencies. The entire family Diewald fell victim to the holocaust: Moritz in Dachau, his wife, Selma, in Auschwitz, the daughter, Hilde, at an unknown location, the son-in-law, Herbert, in Auschwitz, and the son, Egon, died in Ober-Ramstadt.

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Haus Bornstraße 3
House Bornstraße 3, until 1886 with Jewish prayer room 


Judenordnung von 1723
Jewish regulatory action, 1723


Familie Diewald vor der Metzgerei
Family Moritz Diewald in front of their butcher's shop, end 1920s


Fversperrter Durchgang
Closed passage to butchery Diewald