8. Old School

Built in 1746

Built as the Vicarage of "St. Anton
und St. Nikolaus". Used as a local
town school and as the techer`s 
residence from 1822 to 1897.


The house, which was erected by a vicar of the abbey in 1746, was auctioned by the French government in 1802, following the secularisation of the abbey, and bought by the City of Münstermaifeld as a school building in 1819. Following the closure of the abbey’s Latin school, the City had to increase its schooling involvement. With the establishment of a teachers’ training college (1878-1926), Münstermaifeld could once again continue the tradition of an educational city that was associated with the Latin school. This has been continued to this very day, with an academic high school of more than 1,000 pupils.

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Alte Schule (1822 – 1897)
Old school (1822 – 1897)


Stadtschule oder
City's school or "Deutsche Schule" from 1714 to 1820


Grundrissplan von 1887
Grundriss von 1887, der Schulsaal ist ein Anbau an das Vikariehaus von 1746

Heilig Geist-Schule (1841-1880)
"Heilig Geist"school (1841-1880)


Lehrerseminar und Jungenschule (1880-1925)
Teachers' training college and boys' school (1880-1925)


Volksschule (1897 – 1970)
Primary school (1897 – 1970)


Weckbecker Villa seit 1878 Schulgebäude
"Weckbecker Villa", school building since 1878 


Weckbeckergräber auf dem Friedhof der Stadt Münstermaifeld
Die Weckbecker Grabmale