21. Lauffenburg

First mentioned in 1343

The tower, also called "Eulenturm", 
was used as a prison for a long 
period. Maintenance and restoration
work from 1981-1982.


The tower, which is also referred to as the “Eulenturm” (owl tower), is the only fully preserved tower of the city fortification. Its age is disputed. It is first mentioned under this name in 1343. The most obvious assumption would be that it was erected as part of the city fortification in the 13th/14th century. Based on the name, another consideration could be assumed. It could refer to the archbishop Bruno von Bretten and Lauffen (1102-1124), who consecrated the Romanesque predecessor church in 1103. In the eventful history of Lauffenburg, the use as a prison and torture tower in the 17th century remains a sad memory. 26 men and women were charged and tortured here, having been accused of witchcraft. The tower was restored from 1981-1982 and furnished as a tower museum.

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Die Lauffenburg


Münstermaifeld im 14. Jh.
Münstermaifeld in 14 th century


Querschnitt durch die Lauufenburg
Lauffenburg - interior