19. Heilig-Geist-Spital

First mentioned in 1309

A chapel and an almshouse were
part of the hospital. The complex 
was used as a school from
1836 to 1880.


The hospital, which was first mentioned in 1309, yet possibly was even older, served as accommodation for the poor and sick and was mutually funded by the city and the abbey. Both were responsible for the administration of donations, bestowals and proceeds from the estate. The hospital was entirely reliant on the charity, endowments and benevolence of individuals or brotherhoods for providing help to the poorest and weakest in society. Following the construction of the new hospital, the facility served as a school from 1836 to 1880. The property has been in private possession since then.

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Das Spitalsgebäude von der Giebelseite
Heilig-Geist hospital, front with gable


Lageplan des Spitals von 1826
Site of hospital, 1826


Das Spitalgebäude um 1900
Heilig-Geist hospital about 1900

Aquarell Doppelportrait Anton Joseph Dräger
Anton Joseph Dräger (1794-1833), recht neben Friedrich Preller, ein Jahr vor seinem Tod