20. Port House

Built 13th to 15th century

A gothic residential building with an
old craftsmen´s yard. Here Johann
Port foundet the " Institute for 
Ecclesiastical Art" in 1872.


With its original annex, the house has some of the oldest building stock in the city. It is a Gothic house from the 13th -15th century. The extensions around the crafts yard date back to the 19th century. The house has been in the possession of the Port family since the middle of the 19th century. In 1872, Johann Port I founded his “Anstalt für kirchliche Kunst” (Institute for Ecclesiastical Art). The workshop of the Port family produced carpentry and sculptural work for churches for more than 100 years. Altars, tabernacles, pulpits, church pews and reliefs were ordered from the Port master craftsmen from beyond the borders of the diocese of Trier. The workshop was also in nationwide demand for restauration work.

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Das Port Haus mit An-und Vorbauten
Port house and craftmen's yard


Das Port Haus im Jahre 1902
Port house, 1902


Georg (mit Lineal) und Johann (mit Mütze) Port im Jahre 1895
Georg Port (with ruler) and Johann Port (with cap), 1895


Hochaltar der St. Laurentius Kirche Kirche in Leutesdorf/Rh.
Hochaltar der St. Laurentius Kirche Kirche in Leutesdorf/Rh.

Werbung für die Werkstätte
Advertising for workshop of Port brothers