25. Former Synagogue

Built in 1885/86

About midday of 10th November 1938,
the synagogue was set on fire and
desecrated. Rebuilt between
1998 and 2013.


The building, which was erected in 1885/86, was defiled on the 10th of November 1938 and set alight. Local inhabitants participated in this deed as well as a raiding party from the surrounding towns. Processes took place in 1950 and 1951 in Coblenz and Mayen. In the majority of the cases, the proceedings were mitigated or repealed at first instance, for reasons of amnesty, the prison sentences already having been served and due to the reigning zeitgeist. The ruin has been a monument worthy of protection since 1986. Following a suggestion by the school pupils of the Kurfürst-Balduin academic high school, an initiative was created for its reconstruction as a memorial and meeting place. The “Ehemalige Synagoge Münstermaifeld” (Former Synagogue Münstermaifeld) booster club, succeeded at completing the project in 15 years.

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ehemalige Synagoge nach 2013
Former synagogue after 2013


Inschrift über dem Portal der ehemaligen Synagoge
Inscription above portal of former synagogue


Jüdischer Friedhof in Mertloch
Jewish graveyard near Mertloch


Jüdischer Friedhof im Eltzer Wald
Jewish graveyard in Eltzer forest


Bild der Synagoge aus dem Jahr 1974
Former synagogue in decay
Bild der Synagoge aus dem Jahr 1985
Former synagogue, 1970