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Münstermaifeld is a small but old town in district Mayen-Koblenz, situated most beautifully on elevated ground, only a few kilometers from the River Mosel and the famous castle Eltz. Next bigger towns are Mayen in the Eifel and Koblenz with its “Deutsches Eck” (German Corner) where Mosel flows into Rhine.

Any person who approaches our landscape “ Maifeld” is impressed by the old church that looms over the whole region. Especially in spring, when fields are shimmering golden, the silhouette of the collegiate church in Münstermaifeld provides a picturesque image in the eyes.

The city, which bears the name of the landscape, is worth to be explored with competent guides who explain to guests the varied and more than 1400 years of history. First residents of our region were the Celts, afterwards came the Romans and Franks (Charlemagne). In Middle Ages (1277) Münstermaifeld received town privileges, wherefore it is one of the oldest towns in Rhineland-Palatinate and with the 3.700 citizens even one of the smallest.

The original Romanesque cathedral – over the centuries a diverse mix of architectural styles were added – with its impressive size, its valuable organ and its Antwerp gold altar from the late Gothic period is a gem of art history. Wall paintings from the early days of the church came to light during restoration work and give the interior of the nave a lively charme.

Cafe MuenstermaifeldWhile walking through our medieval town centre with its winding streets you can admire the classicistic mansions that surround the market place, the half-timbered facades and remains of the city wall. These all contributes to the comfortable lifestyle that characterizes this interesting town.

The ancient well, where laundry was washed in the Middle Ages, livestock watering happened and water was got, the Eulenturm (owl tower) belonging to the city’s fortifications and the playful-looking water tower also tell of former times.

At the same time the city, with a modern swimming pool and different gastronomic offers, is a point of contact to guests from all over the surrounding countryside.

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