11. Von Papen House

Built between 1834-1842

The client was Baron Ferdinand von Papen.
The Chancellor of the Reich Franz von 
Papen (1932) was a great-nephew
of the builder.


Baron Ferdinand von Papen (1811-1863) came to Münstermaifeld from Werl in 1833. The baron could enjoy his wealth as an estate owner in the representative building, demonstrating that he was an esteemed citizen. When he passed away in 1863, of the 11 children, the family Carl Ferdinand took over the house. Due to a divorce in 1875, he lost his house and his future in Münstermaifeld. No member of the family von Papen remained in the city. The Reich Chancellor von Papen, who entered history as the “stirrup holder of Hitler", is a great-nephew of the builder of the house.

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Das Haus heutige Obertorstraße 42
Von Papen - house in front, Obertorstraße 42


Das Haus Obertorstraße 42
Von Papen - house

Baron Ferdinand von Papen (1811-1863)
Baron Ferdinand von Papen (1811-1863)


Franz von Papen nach der Ernennung zum Reichskanzler
Franz von Papen after being appointed as Reich Chancellor