12. Fortified Tower

Built in the 14th century

Münstermaifeld was surrounded by a town wall
with seven fortified towers. In 1822 the conversion
 to a residential building preserved this tower.
It was reconstructed in 2008.


Erected in the 13th and 14th century, the city wall was fortified with seven towers. Apart from Lauffenburg, it is the only remaining fortified tower, and it thanks its survival its conversion to a residential house, which began in 1822. Originally, the half tower used to be 20 m high and was equipped with a cannon. The city wall’s maintenance cost the citizens a great deal of money and, with the progression of military techniques, it was increasingly considered a burden rather than a source of protection. Only with its removal since the end of the 18th century, has the city wall once again started to pay off as a stone quarry.

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Wehrturm nach der Renovierung
Fortified tower after renovation


Wehrturm nach der Renovierung
Fortified tower after renovation 


Lage des Wehrturmes, Stich von Merian, nach Braun Hogenberg, 1576
Site of fortified tower, engraving from Merian, after Braun Hogenberg, 1576