5. Two-Bay House

Built in the 13th century

Vicarage "St. Johannes Evangelist and
St.Catharina". In 1609 the two bay 
windows were added to the gothic 
semi-detached house.


The building’s name goes back to the annex of the two bays to the gothic semi-detached house in 1609. The main building, with the crow-stepped gable, belongs to the semi-detached house from the 13th century, whose other half is the "gothic house". The two-bay house used to be a canon's house and, following its secularisation in 1802, was sold from French governmental-owned property to private ownership.

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Two-bay house
Kunstgewerbeschüler  1907/08
Students studying two-bay house in 1907/08


Rekonstruktion des Doppelhauses (Klaus Groß)
Semi-detached houses, reconstruction without annexes