6. Former Collegiate Church

Built from 11th to 14th century

Dedicated to St. Martin and St. Severus. The church
tower is part of the previous church, dating from the
11th/12th century. From 1225 until the 14th century
the church was newly constructed starting with the choir.


The construction history of the present-day third church starts 1225. From the apsis, still with the Romanesque form, construction was done in gothic style at the west facade, toward the predecessor church. Probably due to lacking funds, the original planning had to be abandoned, and the tower construction of the Romanesque predecessor from the 11th/12th century was incorporated into the newly-constructed building. The atrium construction and the storey addition of the tower construction followed until the end of the 14th century. Archbishop and elector Baldwin of Luxembourg (1307-1354) contributed significantly to the advancement of the construction.

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Ehemalige Stiftskirche, St. Martin u. St Severus
Former cathedral, St. Martin u. St Severus


Die romanische Vorgängerkirche
 Previous romanesque church with tower built in 11 th /12 th century.


Die aufgestockte Westfassade
West front, top-story from 14 th / 15 th c.


Chorstuhl von 1340, Balduin von Luxemburg (1307-1354)
Archbishop and Elector Balduin of Luxembourg (1307-1354), stall, Museum am Dom, Trier


Der Heilige Severus, Pfeilerbemalung, 1429
St. Severus, painting on pillar in nave of the church, 1429


Der heilige Severus, 14. Jh., im Paradies
St. Severus, entrance hall of the church, 14 th c.


Der Antwerpener Goldaltar, um 1510
 Altar in gold from Antwerpen, about 1520


Stumm Orgel, 1721
Baroque Stumm organ, put up in 1723


Der heilige Martin aus dem Barockaltar, 1744
St. Martin from baroque altar, 1744


Der neogotische Altar von 1859/60
Neo-gothic altar, 1859/60


Christophorus von 1280
Wall painting, Christophorus in northern transept of the church, second half of 13. th c.