14. Rother Hof (Rother Farm)

Built in 13th /14th century

Presumably in the succession of the lords
of Schöneck, the Rother Hof was owned
by the Archibishops of Trier
until 1654.


This farm was sold by archbishop Karl Kaspar von der Leyen in 1654. The archbishops are to have taken it over at an unknown time from the lords von Schöneck. There were two “von Schöneck” families, who had their family seats in the Eifel and in Hunsrück. Both noble families were in the service of the archbishop of Trier in the 13th/14th century. The name could refer to a farm that was designed for the removal of vegetation.

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Rother Hof
Rother farm


Lage des Rother Hofes
Site of Rother farm