15. “Judenhaus”

June 26th 1942 – July 27th 1942

Site of the house where the last
Yewish women were interned
one month before their


From 26/06/1942 to 27/07/1942, five Jewish women awaited their transportation to the concentration camp in the “Jewish House”. All of their family members had already fled or been deported. Banished from their homes in the neighbourhood, without relatives, they had to persevere without hope for one month. These were the women: Bertha Kaufmann (89 years), murdered in Theresienstadt, Setta Diewald (78 years), murdered in Theresienstadt, Amalie Marx (72 years), murdered in Treblinka, Jannchen Wolf (86 years), murdered and Johanna Bender (65 years), murdered in Treblinka.

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Standort des
Former position of the "Jews' house", Schweizstraße


judenhaeuser 640
Location of the houses of the detained Jewish women and the "Jews' house


Die Vernichtungsorte
Vernichtungsorte (concentration camps for killing prisoners)