13. Ordt'sches House

Presumably built in the 14th century

Also known as "Wirtz’sches Haus". 
In the 19th century used as accomodation
on the road. Commonly known as
 "Alte Herberge".


The house, also referred to as Wirtz'sches house, is one of the oldest houses in the city. It is one of the 6 private houses that survived the devastating city fires of 1689 and 1691. The house was inhabited by officials of the city, the archbishop and also the emperor in Vienna from the middle of the 16th century until the middle of the 18th century. The prestige these families enjoyed in the city was confirmed by the house names. In the 19th century, craftsmen used to live in the house. Based on narratives, journeymen on the tramp were offered accommodation there. Another house name "Alte Herberge” (Old Hostel) is a reminder of this time.

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Das Haus Ordt am Durchgang zum Wehrturm
 House Ordt at the passage to the fortified tower


Das Kreuz des Georg Ordt
Cross of Georg Ordt


Wappenzeichnung vom Kreuz des Georg Ordt
Drawing of coat of arms on Georg Ordt's cross


Portrait des Georg Ordt, Nachzeichnung 1821
Portrait des Georg Ordt, 1821