3. Lindenhof

Built in 1770

The former Canons House 
was used for commercial purposes
in the 19th and 20th century.
   Demollition and rebuilding in 1948.


Like the majority of abbey’s real estate, the building that was erected by an abbey vicar in 1770, passed into the ownership of the French government in 1802. It was purchased by a former canon at an auction and, following numerous sales, has been used commercially since 1862. As an inn and distillery, it bore the name "Lindenhof". In 1948, the present-day owner family had the baroque estate’s structure removed, down to the first floor, after which it was rebuilt in accordance with the original measurements.

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Nachgebautes Stiftsherrenhaus 1770/1948
 Canons' house "Lindenhof", 1770/1948


Das Stiftsherrenhaus vor dem 2. Weltkrieg
 Canons' house "Lindenhof", before World War II
Werbung für die Brennerei
Advertising for the distillery "Lindenhof"