31. Julia Drusilla

June 2nd 15 - June 10th 38 AD

Deified co-empress of her brother  
 Caligula. Her place of birth,
Ambitarvium, could be the 
present Münstermaifeld .

Julia Drusilla was the daughter of Germanicus (15 BC-19 AD), who was the chief commander of the Roman legions along the Rhine border from 13-16 AD. Her mother, Agrippina the Older, was a grandchild of Emperor Augustus. She accompanied her husband Germanicus on his military undertakings in Germania from 14-16 AD. Her brother, Caligula, Emperor from 37 to 41, promoted Drusilla to co-emperor in Rome on 10 June 38, one year prior to her untimely death. After her death, Caligula induced the cult of veneration of the deified Drusilla (diva not dea). Plinius the Older (23-79), who was stationed as an officer along the Rhine border since 47, reported on a visit to Ambitarvium, where he found shrines of thanks in memory of the birth of a great-grandchild of Emperor Augustus. Josef Rottländer could compile numerous items of circumstantial evidence pointing toward Münstermaifeld, which was called Ambitarvium by Plinius, as Drusilla’s place of birth.

Drusilla (?), Münchner Glyptothek (Inv. 316)
Bust with portrait of Julia Drusilla 

Abbild einer römische Münze (Sesterz) aus dem Jahre 37/38 n. Chr.
Roman coin (Sesterz) from 37/38 A.D. front: Caligula, back: Caligula's three sisters: Agrippina as Securitas holding horn of plenty in right  hand leaning against pillar, her left hand on Drusilla's shoulder; Drusilla as Concordia holding  Patera and horn of plenty; Julia as Fortuna holding oar and horn of plenty