29. Town Hall

Built 1575-1583

The present Town Hall was reconstructed 
in 1699-1700. The original building was
burnt down by soldiers of 
Ludwig XIV. in 1689.


The Town hall was constructed in a Renaissance style as a substitute for the preceding gothic building, which had been destroyed by fire. Figures and the crest of the gable side document the merger of municipal self-administration and the sovereign authority. Electorate of Trier, and with him Münstermaifeld, fell victim to the politics of burnt earth ordered by Ludwig XIV during the Palatinate War of Succession (1688-1697). The city was almost completely destroyed by pillage twice, in 1689 and 1691. The second fire was the result of a mix-up with Münstereifel by Marshall Bouffleur. The Town Hall also fell victim to the fire of 1689. The reconstruction in the old style could only be started 10 years later. Since 1998, the mayor and city council have once again returned to the venerable site of municipal self-administration.

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Renaissance city hall


Ädikula-allegory of wealth


Double shield with old city coat of arms


Elector's official coat of arms


Rathaus mit preußischem Adler-Wappen
City hall with Prussian eagle - coat of arms


Briefsiegel aus preußischer Zeit Seal from Prussian times

Portrait Prof. August Weckbecker
Professor August Weckbecker (1888-1939)

Patrona Spirensis, 1930